Tell Your Story with Video & Social Media Marketing

How do you tell a story quickly?

We all know someone that overshares, takes forever to get to the point, finishes a story without ever getting to the point – you get the picture. But how do you effectively engage an audience within a short time period, leave a lasting impression and share the important details that make your business different? The answer – our Video and Digital Marketing team can help!

With a full production studio located in San Antonio, Texas, you can choose the most effective way to get your point across. Whether you prefer shooting your own custom videos in a relaxed, professional environment, or, you prefer candid shots of the you and the team in action, Method can make it happen!

Videos can be used on your website, for social media, for marketing campaigns- and the best part is you can use them more than once! The future is video, and our team knows how to deliver results!

In Studio Production

Bringing Hollywood to San Antonio! Our in-house studio features all of the necessary tools for filming custom videos of all kinds. We have filmed “How To,” procedural training and marketing videos for clients – and can do the same for you!

*Features Green Screen, White Screen, and Black Curtain

On-Site Production

Don’t operate near San Antonio, Texas? Have a packed schedule? No problem! Our production team is happy to travel on site. This may give your videos a more authentic feel as it will be filmed on location, capturing your actual property and staff.

Equipment Rental

Lights, camera….wait, who brought the lights and the camera? If you need help with the equipment for the video rental, we have everything you need! Even if it’s just an extra light or two to catch that perfect angle.

Social Media Marketing

Whether it’s videos or written content, we want to help tell your story! By using some of the materials you already have, our team is able to engage consumers and share details about what you are doing on a daily basis from a culture and operations standpoint. If you’re like most of our clients and are not sure where to start when it comes to social media, give us a call!

For example, stressed employees are more likely to:

  • Be distracted at work and have lower productivity
  • Seek another job
  • Carry credit card debt and have difficulty making their minimum payments.
  • Use retirement funds early in response to lack of savings
  • Have their attendance at work negatively impacted due to financial strain
  • Suffer from depression and anxiety