How a PEO Can Help with Training and Learning Initiatives

One of the biggest challenges organizations across America face today is keeping employees engaged and retaining their top talent. That used to mean annual compensation increases, performance reviews and feedback and improving company culture. But in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, those don’t seem to cut it anymore. Why is that? The best company cultures in America have something in common – they are investing in the careers of their employees.

Through upskilling and re-skilling, companies are able to provide the tools for employees to go from good to great.

How a Learning Management System Makes You Money

According to Gallup, actively disengaged employees cost companies $300 billion on an annual basis. That’s a lot of money… and disengaged employees. The Oxford dictionary defines disengaged as “emotionally detached.” That begs the question – how do we get employees to care and how do we keep them that way?

Think about this – Jane, one of your best managers, decides to leave for “greener pastures.” What happens next? A company might:

  • Spend time convincing Jane to Stay
  • Post a job requisition and go through the interview process
  • Find a candidate, and then have to train them and get them up to speed
  • Monitor the new manager to make sure they are a good fit for the company culture

Each one of those steps takes valuable time and energy away from your current labor force. To help quantify a hard cost associated with that replacement, SHRM estimates replacing an employee can cost an organization between six-nine months of their salary! Over time, that number can make or break a business.

How Method’s Learning System Works

In the initial onboarding process, Method will help you set up your LMS for long-term success. We offer a number of compliance courses to make sure your company stays up to date with state and federal regulations, while also not placing a limit on the amount of custom content you can upload. What does that mean? It means that Method will be your learning and training partner and consultant to develop a custom safety and learning strategy that will reduce risk and exposure, as well as employee turnover!