Does a PEO Offer Paycards?

When Method thinks of payday- we think about 100% accuracy. But does that mean a live check that has to be cashed? Or an employee has to have a bank account for a direct deposit to hit? While those may be common ways to pay employees, there are other options out there! To make sure that being paid is easy for employees and you as a business, Method has partnered with Rapid! Paycard to provide an alternative option.

The employee benefits of rapid! PayCard

  • Less expensive than check cashing
  • Bilingual Customer Service
  • Enroll to Text Alerts
  • Signature Transaction (Credit)
  • PIN Transaction (Debit), including cash back where available
  • Convenience checks
  • Over-the-counter cash withdrawal
  • Get cash with rapid! PayCard
  • Use rapid! PayCard to shop
  • Check balance at no additional cost

Employees can enjoy check cashing savings using the rapid! PayCard

  • Be distracted at work and have lower productivity
  • Seek another job
  • Carry credit card debt and have difficulty making their minimum payments.
  • Use retirement funds early in response to lack of savings
  • Have their attendance at work negatively impacted due to financial strain
  • Suffer from depression and anxiety