How a PEO Can Develop Performance Review Processes

How effective is your organization at providing feedback to employees? If you did a random survey of 10% of your employees across all departments and levels, would they agree with you? Feedback, both positive and negative, is critical to the culture of your organization. Method’s Performance Review module will take the guesswork out of the “How am I doing?” question and turn a weakness into a strength.

While the annual performance review may not be dead, it’s increasingly becoming less popular with strategic organizations. Why? Because employees and management need almost constant feedback to be effective in their day-to-day roles.

According to Gallup, employees were four times more likely to be engaged if their manager gave them “meaningful” feedback in the past week. With a customized performance review system, you determine the frequency of feedback. Our team of experts are happy to provide guidance and best practices when it comes to setting up your new and improved performance review process!