Applicant Tracking with SMS Streamlines Hiring Process

Your “one-stop-shop” for reviewing, contacting, and sending offers to applicants and potential hires.

Finding talented employees with the right skillset and culture fit is hard. Finding talent with manual processes is almost impossible. Having a software system in place that allows candidates to easily find you, apply and share all of their pertinent hiring information is critical to success in today’s labor market. On top of having a software solution in place – how do you get started? It’s always nice to have a shiny, new tool, but without the proper training, set up and ongoing maintenance, you won’t get the most out of it. That’s where Method steps in!

Our team of talent acquisition experts will get your system set up, train you on day-to-day processes and share best practices as it relates to posting job requisitions, tracking candidates and then transferring new hires right into the onboarding process. Interested in seeing how this works in action? Contact us to set up a demonstration!

Applicant Tracking
  • Updates customized from none to each time an applicant applies
  • Applicants don’t expire and can be saved
  • Review, contact, and send offers to applicants
Job Postings
  • Post jobs to a variety of job boards
  • Embed your job into your own website
  • Link your social media
Career Page
  • Customizable career page for each company to upload their job listings
  • Customized templates on your career page
  • Can add as many or as little users, everyone can have different levels of access and can be changed whenever needed