A Professional Employer Organization (“PEO”)

Method HR Allows Clients to Think Bigger

A Professional Employer Organization (“PEO”) handles all the people needs for small and large businesses so owners and managers can focus on the needs of their customers and business.

The Benefits of Using a PEO

Method offers best-in-class insurance benefits and 401k to all of our clients, no matter the size of your company. Small-to-medium sized companies save tens of thousands annually by using Method’s benefit services, with our focus centered on employee education and communication. Oftentimes, the benefit savings cover the entire cost of our HR services. Use our calculator to estimate savings for your company and see the difference Method can make! Have questions about where these numbers are coming from? Give us a call and we are happy to give you specifics.

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Helping Clients Scale with General Partner Capital

One of the major differences between Method and other PEO providers is our ability to fuel clients’ growth – organically or with general partner capital. General partner capital is an investment into your business through Method’s private fund. We have invested in a number of our clients day-to-day operations and facilities, ensuring that we always have their best interests at heart. We live by the motto – “if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.”

PEO by the Numbers

According to research published in September 2019 by the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations, on average PEOs offer:

0 %
Annual return on investment
$ 0
Per year saved per employee


Health care benefit costs

~ 0 %
Reduction in employee turnover

What Makes Method Different?


Method is a boutique PEO, which allows us to respond quickly and pivot to meet our Clients’ HR needs.


Method offers comprehensive HR and benefits offerings with a foundation built upon high-touch service, which increases client value.


We don’t bury and hide fees – our goal is to be as transparent as possible with our fee structure.

Demographic Data

Method helps Clients with demographic data compilation and market analysis for growth opportunities.

Health Benefits

Method provides access to a comprehensive suite of ACA-compliant healthcare and voluntary benefit plans.


We offer sufficient reporting for owners to better understand the People side of their business and adapt to trends.

Investment Capital

Method HR has private equity style capital to help clients grow and scale their business.

Earned Wage Access

Method HR allows your hourly employees access to 50% of earned wages, acting as an employee acquisition and retention tool at no cost.

A National PEO

While our headquarters is in Dallas, Texas, Method is licensed all over the country. Please check out the interactive map below to see where we are licensed. If we are not licensed in a state where you have employees – no problem! We are happy to discuss an easy solution, which still allows you to “Think Bigger!”

What Employees Need to File Their Taxes

Tax season is here! The HR Service Partners team works tirelessly to prevent headaches and save employees money and time during this period. Before filing

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